Lightbulb, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Microverse Battery and more…

A device is the digital representation of a connected thing. This could be a switch or a smart bulb that can be controlled through the Droplit platform.

The device record is a cloud representation of the physical attributes, capabilities, and present state of the device.

Defining Capabilities

The capabilities of a device are defined using Service Classes.

A device’s capabilities may be represented using multiple different Service Classes and also multiple instances of the the same Service Class (known as indexed services).

See Service Classes for a detailed explanation.


All devices are stored in exactly one Environment. The Environment can be used to group related devices together, assign access rights to users, and broadcast commands to the devices. Devices cannot be moved to a different environment after it is created (with some exceptions).


A device can have custom metadata stored in the record. The metadata API is a powerful tool for storing additional information about devices that is useful when presenting the information to your users. For example, you can use it to assign a custom label, icon, or sort order to your device records.

See Metadata for a detailed explanation.


A device can be assigned a custom Alias that can be used in place of the system assigned ID anywhere in the Droplit API. Aliases are unique within the scope of the parent container. So for a device, the alias must be unique to the environment.