Deleted API


The undelete API is used to recover any previously deleted resource other than
user accounts. A resource can be retrieved via either its former ecosystem or the
account of the user who deleted it. Performing an undelete operation from an
ecosystem allows for the retrieval of any resource deleted from that ecosystem,
including resources deleted by other users. Similarly, performing an undelete
operation from a user account allows for the retrieval of any data that user had


When a resource is deleted, a temporary delete session for that resource is
created from which that resource can be undeleted. A resource can be permanently
deleted by deleting its delete session or by specifying that a
delete session not be created in the first place.

Individual resources cannot be undeleted if their container has been deleted. If
an environment is deleted, the entire environment would have to be undeleted in
order to access a single desired device within that environment.