Node.js Setup: Windows


Go to the NodeJS current version download page to download the NodeJS Windows installer (.msi). This tutorial uses version 7.2.0, and the procedure used to install the current version is identical.

node download screennode download screen

Run the installer once the download finishes.

node installer screennode installer screen

All default settings can be left unchanged.

node settings screennode settings screen

NodeJS will take some time to install.

node progress screennode progress screen

When installation is complete, the wizard will show a completion window.

node completion screennode completion screen

After the wizard has finished, test the NodeJS installation by running the following two commands.

The first command should return the version of NodeJS that was installed. The second command should return the version of the NPM (Node Package Manager) tool, which is used to install packages with NodeJS.

node -v
npm -v

node console checknode console check