List behaviors.

List the behaviors accessible to a zone.

Scope Types

The scope type of a behavior refers to the container in which it was created. A behavior created within a zone will only be accessible by that zone, and, therefore, has the scope type of Zone.

All children containers have access to their parent's behaviors. A behavior with a scope type of Environment will be accessible by all of the zones within that environment.

Scope types may be used to filter the behaviors displayed by a listing request. The following scope types are available:

  • Local: (default) Only display the behaviors created within the zone.
  • Environment: Only display the behaviors created within the parent environment, not any that belong to the zone.
  • Ecosystem: Display only the behaviors created within the ecosystem.

Multiple scope types may be set at a time to refine results. For a zone, if scopeTypes is set to Ecosystem, Environment, and Local, all of the behaviors available to the zone will be listed; the behaviors of the zone and its parent containers.

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