The ontology is a list of standard terms used throughout this documentation, which are necessary to understand the Droplit system. Many of these terms may already be familiar to smart device users.


AccountThe user's account in the Droplit system.
AliasA human-readable name for a unique ID, which must also be unique.
ApplicationA program that connects to a Droplit server.
ClientAn instance of the Droplit system (server) or an external program that connects to a Droplit server (application).
ContainerAn object used by the Droplit system to organize devices the system controls.
CredentialA mode of authorization, connected to a specific interface, into the Droplit system.
Curated Service ClassA service class that is available by default inside the Droplit system.
Developer Command LineA console through which the Droplit system can be accessed.
DeviceA virtual representation of a smart device inside the Droplit system.
DomainAn alias for an ecosystem.
EcosystemA top-level container in the Droplit system, which encapsulates all other container types.
Edge ServerThe software that creates a connection to the Droplit.io cloud from a local network server.
Edge IDThe used in the Edge server to identify a local device in the Droplit cloud.
EndpointAn entry point into the Droplit API.
EnvironmentA container that represents a physical location in space.
HTTP Status CodeA response given from an endpoint containing an HTTP status.
HubA hardware device that interfaces directly with the Droplit server.
IDA unique identifier for a container, server, or object.
MetadataNon-standard data associated with an object, usually structured as JSON.
ServerAn instance of the Droplit system.
ServiceThe implementation of a service class.
Service ClassThe definition of standard events, properties, and methods used with devices.
TokenAn authentication credential required to access an API endpoint.
Trace Command LineA console through which the Droplit system can be accessed in real time.
WebSocket SDKThe program which allows applications to access the Droplit system.
ZoneA grouping of devices.